An important objective of this research work is to bring traditional academic medicine closer to natural scientific medicine.

Both the Foundation Maximilian Bircher and the Foundation Bircher-Benner are non-profit organizations. Donations can be deducted from taxable income on the fiscal declaration of the donor.

Both the Foundations have some financial resources to help people who, otherwise, would not be able to afford natural medicine training.

The reserve funds of the Bircher-Benner Foundation permit the financing of the stay and medical treatments in the Centre for children and adults who, otherwise, would not be able to pay for it.

These funds come from donors and the Centre's resources.

The total investment will approach 8 million Swiss Francs! The Bircher family has created and financed THE FOUNDATION BIRCHER-BENNER. They have made the initial funds available. Later, Banks granted credits warranted by  mortgages, and several sponsors have contributed to the realization of this project, financially or with free services. So far it has not been possible to obtain Public Funds. For the first management phase, and to complete the 18 in-patient rooms (only partially transformed), additional funds are needed.

If you wish to help this Centre and its work in NATURAL SCIENTIFIC MEDICINE, please get in touch with the Centre's Administration and let us know how you wish to contribute and how your donations should be used! The doctors of the Centre, their assistants and their patients will be deeply grateful for your help.

Donations to the BIRCHER-BENNER FOUNDATION offer fiscal advantages to sponsors because the Foundation has been declared of public utility. 


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