Foundation Maximilian Bircher

One of the prominent objectives of the Foundation Maximilian Bircher is to promote research in order to combine traditional academic medicine with natural scientifi c medicine.

Among others the foundation‘s research focuses on the topic of ‚Infl uence of nourishment on chronic and degenerative diseases‘.

The Academy Bircher-Benner offers seminars and congresses and publishes articles and books under the name of ‚Edition Bircher-Benner‘.

The academy also promotes and supports preventative medicine to the general public and explains the value of healthy nourishment.


Braunwald is a quiet car-free village situated on a sunny terrace at an altitude of 1260 meters above sea level.

It offers marvellous views on glaciers and the Alps as well as innumerable paths for walks and touring. In fresh air you will experience true and profound regeneration and recovery, embedded in an unique and breath taking landscape.

For a deep recuperation, be it on sports, on therapy or on wellness.

Every year, the statistics of the world-health organization (WHO) reveal an increasing prevalence for almost every frequent illness in all „civilized Countries” over the world. Beginning with the rheumatic-disease, the osteoporosis, the cardiovascular diseases and hypertension, the diseases of the liver and gall-system, the gastro-intestinal diseases, the diseases of the kidneys and the urinary tract, the atopic-dermatitis,  the diseases of the hormonal system, the frequent loss of view because of macula-degeneration,  the metabolic-syndrome with diabetes, hypertension, over-weight, leading to arterial sclerosis, the Alzheimer’s disease, some neurodegenerative diseases, ending with cancer.

This constant increase of morbidity regarding the enormous financial effort never seen before shows, that there must exist a fundamental “misunderstanding” between the actual medical paradigm and the human biology.  To verify a suggested diagnosis, we have today marvellous technical possibilities. But the diagnosis of an illness in general is a simple description of symptoms. And from there, the way normally conducts directly to pharmaceutical treatment if not surgery.

In general, the question, why in fact you became ill, is neither a theme of discussion nor is it really researched during the medical examination. Symptoms are generally considered as enemies, as a damaging estate, against which it must be fought.

From this point of view it can be understood easily, why the pharmaceutical approach is in general an attempt to suppress the symptoms.  But this is the exact reason, why most illnesses become chronic.

In contrast to this, Maximilian Bircher -Benner understood already illness us a perdition of the immense dynamic order, a complex dynamic equilibrium, in which our organism was maintained during its healthy estate. From this point of view; the symptoms are a direct expression of the enormous effort of our organism, of the attempt to master the disorder in vain.

It is the task of the physician, to find in common with his patient throw an attentive and ordering listening to him and a profound comprehension, throw a careful examinations and individual research the veritable causes of the illness. Once the causes are found, they generally can be eliminated throw our specific vital vegetarian diet, throw a new life-style, which is in accordance to our human nature, and threw regulative therapies, that are in a measure, to conduct the natural efforts for healing into the right direction.

This way demands your careful collaboration. It is a fascinating enterprise for yourself and for your physician, you will adore continuing afterwards at home: a way worth to go.

Braunwald is situated on a sunny terrace in an altitude of 1400 meters. It is a car-free zone, a climatic health-resort with a fascinating view into the mountains and glaciers. There are very beautiful, romantic paths to walk, horse-coaches and chairlifts and the air is pure and the climate mild.

The medical consultations and treatments take place in our clinic at Sackbergstrasse 3, while physiotherapy, massage, lymph-drainage, reflexology, movement -training, therapeutic water-applications and the therapeutic pool are at the therapy-centre of the local Reha-Clinic or with well-chosen local therapists with whom we collaborate.

Our guests stay in the little familiar Hotel Tödiblick, where there individual  diet is prepared carefully. Braunwald is connected to Zurich throw the intercity-Express-train to Ziegelbrücke and from there on with a local train and a charming cable-train from Linthal to Braunwald.

The prices for the rooms and diet you’ll find on our price-list added to this letter. The medical consultations and treatments are calculated on with Fr. 300.-/hour.

Please don’t hesitate to phone for any questions you might have concerning the medical indication and your treatment in our Centre or concerning the planning of your stay, we are pleased to help-you.