Regeneration Cures

If you are in the lucky situation not to suffer from a specific illness yet, a preventive stay at the Medical Centre in Braunwald is a regenerating pleasure for mind, body and soul and will help you to regenerate, detoxicate, relax and regularize your weight.

Braunwald is a place of a high energy with the healing climate of a mountain-health resort. With mountains and glaciers in view, many romantic foot- and trecking-paths, lifts to the top of various mountains, combined with the biologically high energy of our vitality spending fresh food and juice diets you’ll find tranquility and relaxation. Supplemented by various  go into the swimming-pool, the sauna, the MTT-training, to receive massages, lymphatic drainage, physiotherapy under competent medical counselling.

Rather than to propose different cures or treatment packages we prefer to meet after your arrival and determine together with you your individual cure according to a consultation of at least one hour with a short physical and laboratory – examination. The cure does not have to be expensive if your financial possibilities shoud be limited.

On our list of offers you will find an inexpensive room and enjoy the effect of the wonderful fresh diet. The possibility for swimming, sauna MTT-training, lymphatic drainage, physiotherapy by qualified medical advise and  accompaniment.

Medical flat into a better than it has proven itself to determine in a first meeting with your doctor and study (1 hour) and laboratory control your individual treatment plan.

Their treatment does not cost much if your means are modest:

You can choose from the resulting price offer a simple room. The living enjoy fresh food diet. The strongest and fastest action unfolds our fresh juice diet.

Often there is a Darmdysiobiose, then the raw food is not tolerated. People with raw food intolerance tolerate our excellent fresh juice diet. Through it heals the Darmbiose within a few days, so that the raw food is tolerated very well after that.

The fresh juice diet is rich in biological energy available.
of enzymes and vitamins in an ideal composition, so that you feel hungry. It causes a quick, strong drainage and detoxification of your metabolism and regeneration of the digestive system and liver.
You must be very fresh, served directly after cooking, then it increases the life energy through its high content of bio-photons from photosynthesis and thus information on bio-renewable.

To make the third day, significant changes noticeable. The body is lighter, more mobile, the soul draining, so you feel more open to your own feelings and emotions. because your doctor wants you to see at least a brief inspection consultation (1 / 4) and discuss with you the changes.

Toward the end of the week sets a very special feeling of wellbeing.
Leich much you can only stay a week with us. In this case, the diet partially rebuilt and continued to be at home. Usually want to do our patients happy. You also get our advice and guidance. In any case, you want your doctor before driving home again
 control lab and see something (1 / 4 hour)

A single week of treatment is very valuable, but short, much better is it if you can get two or three weeks to us, some patients are even longer, because they want to heal their weight problems, blood pressure problems or an incipient diabetes. In this case, your doctor will want to see twice a week for a checkup.

Example of a regenerative treatment for a week at minimal costs:

Rooms with shared bathroom mountain side, price per weekFr. 504.- to Fr. 609.-
Bircher-Benner Vital dietFr. 560.-
Local tax (state fee)Fr. 21.-
Medical Konsltationen (1 hour and 2 x 1¼ h)Fr. 450.-
Laboratory testsFr. 145.-
Free access to spa bath, sauna, steam room MTTFr. 108.-
Package priceFr. 1788.- bis 1893.-
( depending on season )

You can hike, enjoy horse-drawn carriage rides, take the chairlift up the mountain, relax in the sauna or steam room and regenerate, swim in Aqualpina pool or can relax when looking at the glacier mountains, to participate in the MTT building training, additional offers can be made the price list put together themselves.


We appreciate to welcome you at our Medical Centre in Braunwald!