Scientific Natural Medicine

Medical assistance is based on conventional university medicine together with diagnosis methods and regulator therapies of scientific natural medicine. The diet treatment is based on vital vegetarian food, careful listening and understanding of the patient's message, his unique personality, his problems, searching for the true cause of his disease and activating the will to find the way to recovery. These are the priorities of this system of medicine.


The hundred years of experience and research acquired by doctors of the Medical Centre Bircher-Benner have proved that the integration of natural regulator methods and  dietetics, together with traditional medicine, have a beneficial influence on the following diseases:

Rheumatism, arthrosis, polyarthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, headaches, migraine, neuralgias, and other painful conditions. Heart complaints, hypertensions, heart deficiency, circulatora disturbances, venous complaints, thrombosis, kidney, bladder and prostate disorders, nephritis,  nephrosis, nepfrolithiasis, renal disorders, liver disease, liver cirrhosis, gastric disorders, malabsorption problems, food intolerance, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, weight problems, adipositas, anorexia, respiratory complaints, bronchial asthma, chronic infections and relapses,ORL problems, chronic and relapsing sinusitis, vertigo, Menière's disease, tinnitus, hearing decrease or deafness, eye complaints, glaucoma, retinitis, immune system diseases, autoimmune diseases, skin diseases, eczema and neurodermitis, psoriasis, metabolic diseases, diabetes mellitus, hormonal and thyroid disturbances, burnout syndrome, depressions, menopause problems, gynaecological diseases, dysmenorrhea, etc.