Specialist therapies

Within the Centre the best scientific competence derived from conventional medicine is combined with decades of scientific natural medicine.


Doctors reach consensus by which they can really understand how regulator phenomena work. Consequently they are able to choose the therapy which best fits.

Phytotherapy: Plant extracts, espagiria and essential oils for either internal or external use and for thermal applications. They can have considerable effects on the organism.

Neural therapy:  This efficient regulatory therapy can eliminate perturbing fields and regulator blocks. It gets positive results precisely where other therapies fail. For instance, pain and post-operative side effects.

Classic homeopathy: The dynamisation of the support remedy receives energy information impulses from the base remedy. This information can be loaded onto a CD to pass into a compute. The same applies to the homeopathic remedy which is an information drug therapy. The amount of substance is irrelevant, what matters is the energy information.

Acupuncture:  The regulatory effect of acupuncture greatly helps recovery.