Patient's stay

The purpose of coming for a stay in this Medical Centre is not only to eliminate temporary problems, but also to provoke a fundamental change in the patient's way of thinking, to increase his vital energy, to revise his lifestyle and to revive his joy of living and his creativity.

Whenever possible the intake of medications is kept to the minimum and replaced by natural regulatory medical proceedings. This allows to auto recovery to work with one's own energy. The patient returns home with the knowledge and confidence needed for his recovery.

The methodical and systematic application of the therapy proposed during the stay shows the patient both the way to recovery and the goal of the treatment. From this valuable teaching an improved life quality will ensue. The patient will learn to identify the causes of his disease and will understand why he is suffering. Consequently, the patient will be able to exert a positive influence on this recovery, thanks to the new energy he possesses through the therapy tailored to his needs.

For patients the Medical Centre is like a shelter where they are looked after at all times of the day or night.