The new Medical Centre Bircher-Benner

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Does our modern medicine pursue the goal of curing the diseases and preventing them?

  • Why are more and more people becoming chronically ill and always earlier in their lives?
  • Why do older people often take 7 medications every day without getting well?
  • Why is the cost of healthcare always rising massively, soon into the unbearable?
  • Why are there built more and more and ever bigger hospitals?
  • How do you feel in the hospital, in the doctor's office and when you are not a private patient?
  • What do people do to stay healthy? What do patients do to get well?

Medecin quo Vadis?

That is the question.

There is a way, a way out, a “new physician”, a new medically scientific thinking.

In the Medical Centre Bircher-Benner, the continuation of the famous Bircher-Benner Clinic in Zurich and the Foundation Maximilian Bircher, we are working on this new way. We are intensively researching the scientific foundations of dietetics and “natural Medicine”, that is, a medicine and therapy that is in harmony with the human biological system. We treat patients from all over the world with a medicine and therapy that goes to the true causes of the illness and together with the patient we approach them consistently,

with convincing results, especially for diseases that are officially considered incurable. But the frame here in Braunwald has become too narrow. We need a new building for research, patient therapy and training for doctors, nurses and therapists.

We are confident that you will understand our exposé here in the appendix and hope for your support. This will help many desperate people, a help that is valuable.

Foundation Maximilian Bircher
Dr. med. Andres Bircher, President

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